Supplies You'll Need

Tagging Supplies

  • Tagging gun
  • Tagging barbs
  • White or light colored cardstock
  • Cable (zip) ties
  • Sandwich, quart & gallon sized resalable plastic bags
  • Quality packing tape
  • Sharpie markers
  • Plastic hangers
  • Access to a printer

We are happy to help with any supplies you need for the sale.  Please visit the supplies page for items available and pricing, or simply contact us to purchase supplies.

Looking for Hangers?

Some businesses in the area may give out hangers.  Old Navy no longer gives out hangers.

Setting Up Your Printer

Poor print jobs mean your items will not scan. Failure to properly print your tags may result in a 10% sales commission increase. Please remember the following items when printing your tags:

  • Put your printer on the “draft” setting. Too much ink will cause your tags to smear.
  • Align & clean the print heads on your ink jet printer.
  • Be sure your paper is loaded in the printer correctly & snugly so that it doesn’t slide around. If your tag has a shadow behind the text, you will need to reprint.
  • Laser printers produce the best quality.