Pro Tips

Keep in mind that some of our shoppers rely on the consignment sale to clothe their families, and give their children toys. Wouldn’t you rather sell your items, even at 50% off, than take it back home?

A description from a website with current retail price will help buyers see the savings they are getting, making your item more likely to sell!

We know you loved it! But don’t forget that consignment shoppers don’t attach the same sentimental value to items that you do. Those shoes may be the ones your child was wearing when he took his first steps, but that alone doesn’t justify a high price. Price your items on their MERITS, not their MEMORIES!


How to Price Your Items
  • YOU DECIDE THE PRICE! Other consignment sales tell you how much to price inventory, but we leave that up to you. We recommend discounting your items too. Many shoppers come back on Saturday to pick up bargains 50% off.
  • Outfits are worth more than the sum of their parts! A shirt might sell for only $2.00 and a pair of pants might sell for only $3.00. But the outfit, together, could sell for more than $5.00. Add a matching bow and socks, and the value goes up even more!
  • Price according to what you would be willing to pay for the item given its condition.
  • Overpriced items will not sell. You have a lot of competition and our shoppers are looking for bargains! Reasonably priced items will sell much better than those overpriced. We have a suggested pricing guide available. Contact us if you would like a pricing guide.
  • For toys and equipment, consider the price you paid and that you may be able to get a similar item on sale today, the condition, and the availability of the item. Be sure to check the recall list at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to ensure that your items have not been recalled. We cannot accept recalled items.
  • Here’s an article with more pricing tips to increase your earnings check. Pricing correctly does make a difference!
Tips to Increase Your Profits

Make Sure your Items are CLEAN & Stain Free.

  • Clothing sells best when freshly laundered and ironed.
  • Remove stains from items. Any items with stains may be pulled from the sales floor to help maintain the quality of the sale.
  • Mend tears and replace missing buttons. Zip all zippers, button all buttons, snap all snaps.
  • Clean all items before sale. A little soap and water goes a long way to improving the appearance of an item and will help them sell for more money!
  • Our sale is well known for clothing, toys, and books. They are great sellers, so please spend time to make your items shine!

Take Pictures!

  • A picture is worth a lot of money! Take a picture of items before you bag or disassemble them and attach the picture to your item. For example, it’s difficult to picture how a crib set will look when it’s folded up, but your picture can show a potential buyer exactly how cute your item is! Selling a sling? Take a picture of your baby being worn in it and attach that! Cuteness sells, and a picture helps explain how an item works!

Include Directions & User Manuals

  • Directions for equipment, games, and furniture can be found and printed from the internet! Including directions for complex items can make a buyer feel more confident buying it and can help you make more money. If you have every piece/instruction sheet/etc for a large item you can price it higher!

Your tag is important too!!

  • Put the original retail price to let people know the bargain they will be receiving.
  • If available include the original instruction book or download one from the internet.
  • Keep in mind, there will be many identical items, you must make yours shine!
  • If you really want all your items to go, allow them to be sold at 1/2 price during the 50% sale hours. They will be sold at full price during the regular business hours but whatever is left during the 50% off sale hours will be an extra great deal to entice shoppers!

Spread The Word!

  • Each seller will receive a marketing packet with advertising information to make spreading the word in your workplace, neighborhood, and school easy!
  • The more people that know about the sale, the more money you will make!
  • Let us know if you would like additional flyers to distribute at your place of business, day care, church, to friends, neighbors with children, etc.
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